Sunday, February 13, 2011

Work mingled with life

We work all sorts of hours with our catering business.   But, it's a dream really. 
When I married a chef I didn't realize how difficult it would be to raise a family while he worked restaurant hours.  He would be at work by 10am and come home after 10pm usually Monday thru Saturday. 

It was lonely!  I would feel like a single parent often and we celebrated many holidays without daddy.
By 2004 we were done!  Couldn't go on!  So we took a risk and opened a business from scratch.  It helped that he was very qualified and had many contacts in the profession including eager clientele.  We haven't exactly gotten "rich" like the song choice might suggest!  But I cannot complain, we have had success and have always been able to provide for our family!

Now all these years later we can truly say we are partners in everything.  I started this post meaning to talk about what our children learn by working alongside us! 
But, I realized it may be good to give a little background! 
Maybe I'll get to that in the another post!  Here is my littlest helper working at the computer I use daily for client emails, invoicing, balancing accounts and all that good stuff!
Today the older ones are at work with daddy helping to prepare for a Valentine's Dinner he is catering at the Wine Shop in town.  So it won't exactly be a romantic day for us even though I will be there, tasting and visiting with customers, staff and friends! 
Wishing you all a day of love tomorrow and always!


  1. Nanna and Papa are so proud of the choices you have made. You sure take good care of our GRANDCHILDREN. We are here to support you guys.

  2. Have I ever mentioned that you live a glamorous and adventurous life? Such fun!


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