Saturday, February 19, 2011

Adventures in Farm Life

I go through phases, as I've mentioned before!  About this time of year usually I start feeling really expansive!  Wanting to dream big and live more adventurously.  This year that need is being met by a new wave of fitness mania (not my favorite subject really but I'm working on it!)  In previous years it has been adding a menagerie of animals to our lives.  Carmel the calf was among the first!
Too cute to resist right!  He lasted around here about the shortest (only a month) as we wondered how much trouble he would be as he grew!

We've added a small crew of kitties, none of which decided to stay around permanently.  That's okay, apparently the mice in the barns around the neighborhood and the wild life speak to them! 

There have been the chickens!  And even a horse or two!  A few dogs, a couple rabbits, several goats.

And last but not least a few babies! They count as animals on a farm right?

This year there will be no such additions!  No new animals, definately not any new babies!  Four of those have been blessing beyond measure!  So I'm wondering, what adventure in farm life will we focus on this Spring!?  Maybe I'll finally get back to the gardens?

Oooh I hope so!  


  1. thank you so much for following me and now I'm following sound so much like me when I was younger-I had my 3 daughters and my home and life was great...still is...just everybody is grown up!
    Love your name, since I have 100 followers, I better figure out how to do a giveaway!

  2. Carmel the calf is adorable! I wish they could stay cute like that! I can't wait to start working in the're right - now is the time to think and dream big!


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