Sunday, February 6, 2011

My heart may be a little bit country, but the sea has a piece of it too!

One of our family traditions is vacationing by the sea.  When I was a little girl our families favorite annual vacation spot was at the beach.  I have always been drawn to the ocean, the majestic waves reminding me of soo many things.  The awesome power of God, the ebb and flow of life, things constantly changing while often appearing to stay the same. 

We have been fortunate to acquire a little beach house (not quite on the beach but walking distance) that we share with extended family!  It has been a wonderful way to make memories with our children that will last a lifetime and connect to them in different ways than we can at home.  Life is simple there.  No extra stuff, no extra clutter.  Just exactly what we need for a getaway!  Even doing the laundry is simplified there!  It almost makes me wonder,"what is all the stuff we have at home and why do we need it?".
Dreaming of sunny days on the shore...


  1. Beautiful. Where I live is only 6 miles from a beach so it would be silly to own a beach house too, but t does make me long for summer days!


  2. Some day I too shall go there...sigh!

  3. Ummm, it's not the beach I'm envious about, it's the clutter free, serene house! Beautiful pics!!! I'd really like mine to be more like a getaway. Guess that's hard in winter when little people get bored and want LOTS of activities... And we have no playroom. Can I pitch it all come spring and tell them all they need is nature? sigh Thanks so much for following and leading me back here! :-)


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