Monday, February 28, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award, really? Wow!!

I have to say I am so honored to be given this award by Southern Style Life!  She and her husband are considering purchasing a southern plantation!  I think that sounds like a world away from here in the Northwest but oh so romantic! 

So I am supposed to share 7 things about myself!

1.  First of all, I am a cozy up on your sofa with a huge mug of warm creamy latte in my cup kinda girl!  However, this season of life finds me wanting to get into shape so instead of starting my mornings slow I am in my 3rd week of yoga, fitness and walking in between classes.  I love it and hate it all at once!

2.  I am happily married and celebrating my 11th anniversary this week!

3.  Last night I overheard my family arguing about which color is my favorite.  The kids were sure it is blue but my husband was insistent that I have made him paint everything white so it had to be white!  Which is it?  Truthfully it is both, but does white count as a color? 

4.  We are blessed to have 2 boys and 2 girls overflowing our cottage! 

5.  I am not the greatest housekeeper in the world.  I care that my home is beautifully and comfortably furnished but once I straighten it up (and dim the lights!) I usually call her good! 

6.  My closest friends in the world have also known me forever.  This is good and bad!  They love me for who I am!  They also remind me of my embarrasing phases and moments! 

7.  Current dream?  Moving the garden so that we can enter it from the back deck and setting it up as an english potager!

Now I get to nominate 7 other lovely blogs to visit!  Please do!
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Okay so I have one I had to add (is this cheating?), it's my mama who has a beautiful place, she just started blogging and here is her link! Ooh and one more!  I think I'll never be nominated for anything ever again because I clearly cannot follow the rules!  My daughter Anna is a beauty and full of talent & love, check out hers also!
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Stylish Blogger Award....


-Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.

--Share seven things about yourself.

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  1. Hi Olivia! Thanks so much for following my new blog...especially because it led me to yours, which I love! Reading your "Seven Things" list I can see we have a lot in common, and I'm looking forward to keeping up with you!

  2. Hi Olivia-thank you so much for nominating me! I am so honored. And your cottage is lovely and I love your name (I think I told you that before). I'll check out your other blogs nominated as well as your mom and daughter's. And I will get busy with my homework. It probably won't be till tomorrow, as I just got home from work (winter job till the inn gets busy). Thank you so much!


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