Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A trip to remember for a lifetime!

Anna's first hunting trip ever!  Three generations of hunters Papa, Daddy and our eleven year old girl. 
They saw deer but just not the right size at the right time.... so no big prize at the end of the day!  Except the reward of time spent with the men in her life that show her how important she is, how much fun she is to be around and how much she can do. 
She worked hard to get there with all the certification required to hunt in Washington State!  We are so proud of how Anna is growing up!  She is hard working, responsible, friendly and kind hearted.  She expects a lot out of life because she puts a lot into it!  Way to go girlfriend!
Love, Momma

Sunday, October 16, 2011


One of our very favorite - top of the list - most amazing places to visit in the state of Washington!  We have had numerous memorable trips here usually around holidays - most with our children but this time we had a little rendezvous just the two of us and right in time for Oktoberfest! 
It is just beautiful there in October as the leaves are changing colors and the trees are set aglow!  We stayed at this Bed & Breakfast - Abendblume which means Evening Bloom (recommended by my friend Wendy, thank you thank you!) and enjoyed the best breakfast's in the history of breakfasts!  And the place is relaxing, stunning, quaint with outstanding views from every window. 

This was the view from our suite.  What more can I say?  Umm... maybe thank you to the gracious grandparents who made it all possible?!! 
We spent a lot of time exploring the area - we love to spend our time together dreaming of potential future getaways, even imagining a little cabin here to bring our family to. 
This little grandma's cottage in the woods sure was darling!  Straight out of Little House it has a cook stove to heat the one room, an outhouse in the shed and a little well house too!  The owners have it decorated with vintage linens and canisters!  I love rustic but that one may be just a wee bit too rustic! But one can dream can't she?

Our final day we stopped at this fabulous fruit and plant market and admired their fall veggie gardens and cute displays.
I love to peek into other people's gardens - they're always so inspiring!  This one has the rustic fencing I adore!  Hmm... that will have to go onto the to do list!  No wonder my hunny wasn't too enthused about stopping here! 
We've been back at home for a few weeks now.  My first few days home were so hectic I found myself thinking "How do I do this? It's so much work! It's so noisy here!  Why is everybody in my space!"  By about day 3 literally I was finally settled back in.  Ready for my children to come bounding in the door!  And for the noise of 4 playing, fighting, laughing, crying, smiling, chatting little people all around!  Life is so good!  Time away is great!  But home is better!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My favorite words...

grace...why do i expect people to pull it together when i can't even get "it" pulled together?  why do we want everyone to package their lives up and tie pretty bows around them?  why do some things that are so easy for some seem like mountains to climb for others?  why does He give us grace abundantly and then we forget to grab ahold and take it and then let it overflow? 

love...what does it really look like?  to me right now love looks deeper than tolerance which in itself is difficult.  it looks like acceptance and seeking the beauty in muddled places.  it means small moments of closeness in the midst of hurried days.  it means looking into eyes and not away. 

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