Saturday, December 22, 2012

Top 5 Favorites of a Country Christmas

There is nothing better than spending Christmas in the country.   Here are a few reasons it's the best!

1.  The neighbor down the street who decorates his house to look just like a real gingerbread house!

2.  The Christmas parade down the middle of the main street with familiar faces and so much festivity!

3.  A show in the big city is such a magical treat, yet as we drive back into the country, the fields open and we heave a sigh of relief to be nearly home and tucked away from all the hustle and bustle (mainly traffic!).

4.  It's a simple affair without too much pretense, simply homey!

5.  Our neighbors are still so neighborly!  A sweet great grandmother who lives next door brings Monkey Bread for our Christmas morning, such a treat!

What sort of Christmas do you prefer?  Whatever it may be ~
Wishing you a Merry & Bright One!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heaven on Earth

I am, along with many across our nation, heavy hearted this day after such tragedy in Connecticut yesterday.
My first response wasn't noble, (often it's not, I am ashamed to say) it was to stay in bed this morning and keep going back to sleep.
Once I knew the day was going on and I must get up and join in I wondered what my next response should be?  I turned on the news momentarily to see if any new information had been released and heard a pastor saying we can acknowledge the evil but double down on love.
Some people with their choices bring hell to earth.  Unbelievable but true.  Well I guess in a way we all at times choose this when we yell at our children, gossip... the list goes on.
But today? And really every day and as often as possible we can also with our choices bring heaven to earth.  We can love deeply, reaching out our arms as comfort, choosing selflessness, offering forgiveness, meeting needs.  And of course in the process of meeting those needs find our own broken hearts mended as well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ah, Country Life

The view is different out my windows lately.  The leaves are gone from the trees expanding the deep horizon so I can now see the Olympics way off in the distance.  The garden sits exposed with bare earth since I haven't finished mulching.  Already I miss my fingers in the soil.  Everything is earthy damp and decaying.  My eyes search over the landscape for subtle changes, something new to look at.

I imagine myself going out and lying down, joining the earth in this deep long pause.

Our home is preparing for holiday but my heart is preparing for winter.  Days indoors, cozy fires in the hearth, hobbies for our hands, books for our thoughts.  Little trips into town but mostly simple at home life, quiet, slow and real.  A little too slow for some of us even.  It may not always be so but for now it's the gist of our country life.

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