Saturday, February 26, 2011

A tribute to talent!

This is just a little post in honor of my husband who is having his birthday this week and we are also celebrating our 11th Anniversary!  He is so talented and these photos are just a few from a recent local event we catered!  "We" meaning I printed menu's, chatted with the staff and ate!  (that's not all I do though!)
Even from the beginning his career made an impact on me.  As soon as I met him and he told me he cooked he had me hook line & sinker.  I didn't know he was this good!  The pictures are pretty but the taste is amazing!  I am so thankful for the way he provides for our family but also for the success he has carved out in his career.   I am so thankful for the kind of dad he is to our children, he is fun and active always teaching them important skills and lessons! 
And I am also thankful that when he offers to cook dinner for the night it isn't boxed macaroni and cheese but more like braised cabbage & slow cooked ribs or .... any number of flavorful dishes!
Thank you God for my husband, & thank you honey for choosing me!

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  1. Darn it I just ate a huge meal of shrimp and grits and that makes my mouth water!! That looks REALLY good.


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