Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Somewhat Summery Menu!

It's been a woeful situation here at meal time lately.  Not much happening - but, I've been noticing a buzz of summer -ish meals all around me and I think inspiration has finally struck.  For the record though - this is a half summer/half cozy up in your home menu really.  We don't have warm June days here in the PNW - they are little snippets of sun and lots of variations of cloudy with some drizzle.  So, hence the light comfort food!
Here is this week's menu (notice we have already begun so some have been made and others have not yet):
Monday - Maple Salmon & Stir-Fried Rice with Veggies
Tuesday - Caesar Salad with (leftover cooked) Salmon, Parmesan & Croutons
Wednesday - Fish Tacos with Pico de Gallo & Dill Sauce
Thursday - Light & Crispy Tuna Casserole
Friday - Avocado & Chicken Enchiladas

We have no idea what we are doing this weekend so I didn't plan that far ahead but I did buy all the ingredients for the above list and I am sure we will have leftovers!  Later I will post recipes and photos of our favorites! 

What's for dinner at your house?  Do tell!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Inspired by...

I recently found myself smitten with the well-known blog soulemama and loved the way she presents her life in these snippets.  I thought I would try it myself!
listening... to the sound of my husband and children enjoying Nanna & Poppa who've come to town for a visit
eating... chinese food they brought to share
feeling... blessed that the warm sun came out to show her face today
working on... spring cleaning before summer commences!
loving... cuddling up my littlest one on my lap while I type because she's sleepy
appreciating... examples of other momma's loving their role and living it up
dreaming... of getting my studio set up to make soaps, melts & candles
plotting... a little weekend road trip to find the warmth and sunshine we've been craving
enjoying... that their only little for a little while
thinking... this is gonna be a busy week
planning... a summer full of adventure, nature and good books
creating... a new menu plan for meals
looking... for inspiration, always, it's how I get by in life!
treasuring... the way our little cozy yellow house welcomes us home and brightens even a grey day (or as it may be, many grey days in a row)
wishing... you a lovely week

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet & Simple

This is the mood I am in right now - trying to simplify and keep life sweeter!  My window boxes this year reflect this pursuit.  When I went shopping for flowers with my mom at our favorite nursery she was wondering "are you really sure you don't want to add in at least one pop of color?"  She is the queen of container gardening & she really knows how to put together the wow factor (as seen above) but working with my minimalist color palette is a new one for her.  Last year I at least let her add in blue with the greens, whites & yellows!  This year I wanted to streamline even further!  My daughter wonders if next year I'll opt for even less color - white & green and leave out the yellow!  Who knows?
We finally found the yellow and brown pansies in the middle to give the contrast that makes it "pop".  Isn't it funny we were able to find a non-color for my craving and still complete the look!  Anyway,
this is what is going on around our house - decluttering, giving away, striving for simplicity!
What is going on around your house?

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