Saturday, June 27, 2015


it's been quiet around here for awhile...because i've once again teamed up with leah over at soulremedies (soon to be life is more fun when we do it together. leah and i have the same conversations all the time. what do we love to talk about?

becoming. more ourselves. coming of age. soul remedies. nature. art. poetry. literature. if you too are a lover of those things join us. we would love to hear from you. leave us a comment or drop in to see the lovely art of the talented artists of our day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

art journal

this year my mom invited me to join her in a free online art journal challenge, the documenting life project. she happens to have enough art supplies to open a small art store and blissfully, i am able to use what she already has! luxurious paints, inks, pens, papers, stencils, stamps, books...and her experience. 

having time set aside for art is another luxury. we usually spend about 3-4 hours one day a week working on each page. i've found it can be hard to return to the world after being settled into my artsy side for awhile! in a few short months i have already found what excites me the most as an artist - flowers! i'm learning what color combinations thrill me, what my strengths and weaknesses are.
so, who knows where it will take me, but i'm happily along for the journey. 

would you like to gift yourself with more time for creating? you could always join the project too! just pick up right where we are. purchase yourself an art journal and use what you have! it's not about professional quality art, it's about learning how to use the different mediums, being inspired, nurturing your creativity! all it took was a half-hearted invitation from my mom, take this as your invitation from me!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

bramble & posy

a new little farm shop just opened outside my front door. in our bus stop actually.
a dream of mine has been to have a little farm stand for now, maybe a shop in our little country town later selling eggs, berries, flowering branches, spring flowers, dahlias, cutting flowers and starts. to spend a bit of time each morning gathering up the bounty of our smallish 2 acre piece of land and sharing the sunshine with passers-by. good for my soul, good for others too i hope.

the name was chosen for the way our property tends to go wild the second we turn our back with brambles popping up wherever they like (which is everywhere). okay then, i'll be a blackberry farmer
- it's easy since they volunteer!! and then i love to cultivate flowers also - and make them into bouqets and posies.
so like my homelife with both boys and girls - our place is both wild and pretty. not and/or but both/both!!

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