Monday, May 17, 2010

Meet Anna, My American Girl

Do you know those classic American Girl dolls, each one with her own era and story? This is just the right way to describe my girl. She is classic and pretty but it's her inner beauty that shines right through. She has a strength of character and purity that is hard to find. Her instinct for what is right is so strong and she sets the bar high for those around her every day. She is loving and thoughtful and wise beyond her years! I love her sense of humor and her work ethic. She loves school, friends, family and animals. Especially animals. She even started her own blog about them and our adventures with the "Farm thing" ( You can often find her reading a book, riding a horse, playing with her siblings, being silly or telling a story. She loves stories! Will she be a writer? Who knows but I cannot wait to see what plans the Lord has for her life. I am so proud of her!


  1. My own "American Girl" is dancing to the music on your blog right now! I love this post. It is a tribute to mothers and daughters everywhere, to the strength of love we all feel for our girls.

  2. lovely post! anna sounds amazing as i always knew she would be- with a devoted mom like you how could she be anything but!


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