Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life is an adventure!

I realized today I can hardly call my first born son little anymore!  He is growing quickly (always hungry!) and always looking for the next adventure!  What I love about Aiden is the depth and intrigue.  He is part moody and mysterious and part adventurous and beaming with a gorgeous smile.   I always say about my boys that one is dark, handsome and mysterious and the other one is fair, sunny(and also handsome but in a life is a beach kind of way)!   Someday the girls are gonna go crazy for both of them but for different reasons! 
Aiden takes being a kid as "serious business", meaning he is serious about growing up soon and also playing hard to learn.  With Aiden, the more responsibility and trust we give him the more he thrives.  He is such a kind hearted boy who is a wonderful friend to his class and team mates!  He is a natural athlete like his dad and loves the team atmosphere!   I am really proud of him!  He is the kind of boy I would dream about having as my own and I thank God that he is!  He makes life an adventure!

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