Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Traditions

We have a family tradition that started a few years ago. Every Friday night in our house we have "Special Night" with our kids. Our friends, the Adderson family inspired this idea. All the kids bring down their sleeping bags, special "pets" and pillows and lay them out on our bedroom floor. We stay up late, make popcorn or have a treat and watch movies and cartoons together. All week long we look forward to special night. Sometimes, we have the boys with the boys and the girls with the girls. If someone wants to sleep with us at a different time during the week we often say "only 2 more days until special night!". This has been a great way to have something to look forward to all week and have some time together!

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  1. You're such a good Mom! Full of good ideas to make it work, and keep those kiddos sleeping in their own beds happily. Happy Mother's Day, friend.


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