Monday, January 7, 2013

The Duldrums

Well January is here!

He came in with all the clarity & beauty a clear morning can muster (appropriate to begin a new year) and switched over quickly to the drizzly drippy grey.  (January is a he in my mind, in case anyone was wondering;)

He is not beautiful, but matter of fact, no nonsense & every bit down to earth.  I do need this...  along with all the pretty stuff of those lighter seasons.  I need the balance to all that's sweetness and bright.

But, my oh my, does it make my bed look like a comforting retreat to smooth out the rough edges.

The poor chickens in the pasture - nobody wants to go down to them.

And the hungry wood stove?  We are all hard-pressed to keep it filled.

It's just soooo cold...

Oh summer where art thou?

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