Saturday, January 12, 2013

Healthful Living

My resolution for this year is to be a healthy family.  Not just in body but in everything. With activities, nutritious food, hobbies for our hands and new ideas for our minds.
Here are a few ways we are setting out to accomplish this as a family:

1.  Activities:  Jiu Jitsu, Fighter Fight & Yoga for us grown ups.  Spring Soccer, Basketball, Jiu Jitsu, Swimming, Open Gym (for the little one), Baseball for the children - these activities will see us through the end of the school year.

2.  Nutritious Food:  We are including more vegetarian meals into our menu.  A variety of vegetables and fruit are always part of our kitchen fare but especially as produce becomes more abundant.  I have been drinking more tea and less coffee for the antioxidants & to make sure I stay hydrated.  We really don't buy much "junk food" our children none -the -less manage to enjoy quite a bit from everywhere else!  I can't wait to start growing some of our food again when planting season comes around, that always helps with nutritious choices!

3.  Hobbies:  The kids are into models - cars, an engine etc., they are also into building things with tools  and wood in the shop, baking is another favorite hobby.  Lego kits occupy some time as well as gaming for the boys of course! (not my favorite)  A new hobby we are just trying out is wood burning designs onto various wooden objects.  These hobbies are specifically for the Winter, in the Spring we add in things like gardening, riding dirt bikes, mountain biking, hiking...

4.  Ideas:  Reading is the most common inspirational source in our home.  A few favorites right now:  Momma - How to Write a Sentence & How to Read One, 6th grade:  One White Dolphin current, next The Hobbit & Captain Bluebear 4th Grade:  Sign of the Beaver, The Long Winter 2nd Grade:  Shel Silverstein, Preschool:  Jamberry
Of course there are always new ideas online too, via blogs (new favorite Wonder Farm Patricia Zaballos) & pinterest and recipes.  A new blog may be in the works, perhaps...

What are your healthful ideas for the new year?  Isn't health at the front of all our minds as we start fresh!?


  1. Olivia-- thanks for finding my blog! I didn't update it forever but finally got back to it today. Looks like you live in a beautiful place, too! Looking forward to seeing how things progress for y'all!

  2. Livvie, you are living the dream. And I couldn't stop laughing when I read an old post about the chicken fiasco. :O) I hope you had a lovely birthday friend. We now live in Bend, OR and are loving it. It's wonderful to check in with you every once in awhile via our blogs. Hugs! Kimmy


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