Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is Charity?

Practically speaking, charity means the voluntary giving of help to those in need who are not related to the giver.  The virtue of charity is said to be "that it unites us to God" and reflects the heart of God to those in need.

When I searched for the meaning of this word I found this interesting article.  It really has me thinking more seriously about the causes I donate to.  It has me pondering the way we prioritize our giving.  For instance, in a crisis with wounded victims, emergency responders would quickly assess the level of care and prioritize their patients in terms of most to least critical - treating those with the most urgent need first.  I'm starting to think of charity in this way also.  
When there are still tent communities in Haiti from the earthquake and the dire conditions there... when there are people in the East still struggling to get necessities in the aftermath of the Hurricane, when there are still always children starving in Africa, & when giving directly related to poverty is so substantially down...
I just wonder, maybe our charitable donations should be reconsidered.

These days there are many non-profits but are we first caring for the most vulnerable among us?  Or, are we helping those who can help themselves?

One last thing, today I joined Pure Charity.  You can follow me on Pure Charity and start your own account.  It allows you to allocate a percentage of the purchases you make to fund causes that touch your heart.  I learned all about it through Jen Hatmaker - Before You Spend Another Penny... and also her post about The Legacy Project.  Please read them and join!  

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