Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A new old way

We have a new (for us) tradition starting this year!
For the past few holiday seasons, I've been drifting away from some of the traditional elements of Christmas.  While I still LOVE Christmas, on my heart right now is the upcoming celebration of Hanukkah!  The celebration of the Miracle of Lights is an ancient tradition Jesus would most likely have enjoyed as a child!
This year, starting on December 8th, we will learn about Hanukkah and join in the traditions of lighting the candles, playing games, eating traditional foods and so on.   Most importantly, we will remember how God is faithful.  Since we have simplified our Christmas plans, gift giving, decor and such I am looking forward to have a time and space in December for this.
My own paternal grandfather was Jewish so I know it is a part of my heritage, however small.  I am hoping it will keep our focus on Jesus more throughout this season of giving!  Inspired to include this new aspect to our celebration I found a simple and pretty Menorah from Israel and a handmade wooden dreidel on etsy.   

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