Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life Goes On

Yesterday was simply stunning.
I woke this morning unsure of what to feel.  Truthfully?  I was angry.  There I said it.  What no one else really wants to say.  I almost feel as though time should stop as we let it sink in, what does this all mean?

But then...  
Fortunately the sun came out and that was the first glimmer of hope.  And I remembered we were made "for a time such as this".    A little bit later, I turned on Country Radio and they were actually playing a song.  Our children dressed and headed out to school, emails came flowing in (people still expect us to work!), I even saw the very same friendly faces I always see at the bank and the library as I headed out to run some errands.   

Life goes on.  In it's beautiful complexity and it's heartbreaks and glimmers of glory.  This is how I'm feeling as evening wanes and the sun sets on the day after.  I cannot waste my one wild & precious life on anger - no instead I plan to live.  Yes life goes on.


  1. Thanks for this perspective Olivia. My feelings were similar yesterday morning... it took me a bit longer to "move on" but you are right about not wasting time on anger... or whatever other feeling this election brought to folks for whatever reason.

    Yesterday on my way home from work there was a HUGE rainbow coming out of a very dark cloud and I realized I needed to shake it off and move on.


  2. Thank you for your comment Chris! I cannot say I'm simply over it. Every once in awhile I realize a new setback - oh no it means this! One day at a time we'll figure out how to move forward. It's at least good to know we are not alone!


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