Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An unusual 1st Day of School

This is a very normal photo of Casey eating a classic afterschool snack - it even says so on the bag.  Not exactly classic for our house (we rarely have chips here) but you know, classic for the rest of America! 
The day wasn't what I thought it would be though, isn't that the way it goes!
For starters it was super warm like in the 80's and it's only supposed to get hotter (very unlike the PNW). 
Second, I thought it was going to be quiet around here.... except Aiden was home sick (had a fever and sore throat last night).  Seriously missing the very first day?

Third, my husband came back and keeps giving me more work to do on top of working on taxes (extension), getting the kids set for school, payroll, a mountain of paperwork to deal with.... (what does he think I am a secretary or something? he he)  I thought I was just the caterer's wife. 
Hmm... instead I'm working my tail off!

Finally, seeing the stress written all over my disapointed face (because I thought I was going to enjoy his company and rest a bit) he took the two kids out of the house for a little while so I could work in peace.  Once I was able to get something done I ran errands by myself (which hasn't happened in a long time since he has worked practicly every day since the beginning of July.)  Whew!

Then the children came home with 85 papers for me to complete and sign (this part I knew to dread expect) and both boys had homework (they managed to get Aiden's to me thru Anna, Yay!) 

Is the universe upside down for anyone else besides me?  Or maybe I just thought school starting up would be less work somehow?
Any compassion would be appreciated!


  1. Appreciate those first weeks of school and hall the hubbub... before you know it they will be all grown up and graduating! :)


  2. Oh my. It all sounds like a disappointing surprise...sick kiddo, working, and trying to manage everyone's first day. Seriously, are you superwoman??? I think you must be.

    Wouldn't it be great if everything could always go according to our expectations?

    Here's to a better second day! (clink!)


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