Thursday, September 8, 2011

Memories with my girls

There's a funny thing about having two precious girls who bookend rambuctious boys in one family.  Time spent with each one is amazingly fulfilling and beautiful but in completely different ways.  This momma is feeling pretty blessed right now to say the least. 
Last night Anna & I had the most memorable evening together at a Taylor Swift concert.  Out on the town enjoying the lights, glitter and glamour of it all with my eleven year old girl.  (Well, first we stopped off for a burger ~ you know, kid food)
The show was impressive from the elaborate sets and special effects to the dancing and instrumental aspects.  It almost had a broadway theme.  Taylor made a point to come out into the middle and perform up close and personal to the crowd!  Anna was able to shake her hand as she came by in front of us! 
We both dressed up in our country best with cowgirl boots and such!  (She is even wearing a Taylor Swift dress!)
And then there is another kind of sweet, a kind of memory made of pure goodness and joy with all the simplicities of home.  A quiet morning after a dazzling night.   A gentle breeze and pretty light shimmering through falling leaves.  AND... a lovely angel adorned with curls and a pretty smile softly swaying on a swing, to and fro.
Goodness in the evening and goodness in the morn.

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