Saturday, September 10, 2011

Soccer Jamboree

It's about time for a post about the boys!  Soccer season has officially begun and these two energetic boys are keeping us busy with soccer 4 days a week!  We started out with a bang, at the fields by 8:30am to notarize medical release forms and up for the 9am game.
Casey, who was on fire, scored 5 goals!  When I yell "Nice Casey!" & give him a thumbs up he gives me a little grin.  It's sweet with a little bit of "cool guy" mixed in.
Aiden was goalie for the first 2 halves of the 2 games he played.  He did awesome & even got an assist from the goalie position!  He kept both teams at bay so they couldn't score against us! 
Aiden is less aggressive than Casey when he plays but he is pretty accurate and he's also quick. 
Can you tell I'm a bit proud of my guys! 
It was fun to watch but quite exhausting and hot in the 85 degree weather.  Whew!  I'm glad we're back at home again!  I guess it could have been cold and rainy though and I personally will take the heat any day!

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