Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

One is silver and the others gold. 

It has unfortunately taken me most of my life to get this right. 

Today, I was so incredibly fortunate to have a dear lifelong friend Wendy come to my home to enjoy a morning of coffee, shared company and a lovely lunch together.  She brought her two littlest girls to play with mine and it was so sweet.  She mentioned wanting to meet my newest friend, my neighbor Nicole who I've been talking about quite a bit.  You see I am so thankful for her!  I had been looking for someone to go walking with every day.  To get outside and enjoy a brisk walk in nature, and we do, sometimes in a neighborhood and often out in the countryside.  What a treasure!  And even better we are kindred spirits, our conversations flow naturally and we find ourselves with always something more to be said!  The combination of good conversation and breathing fresh air is good for the soul and I am the better for it!

With all that said, I called Nicole to invite her to come over for lunch to meet Wendy and she accepted!  It was a meeting of two very dear friends and an impromptu celebration of friendship in general.  Wendy and I actually used to be neighbors at one point in our friendship!  At that time, she was my walking friend and I have missed having someone to share that with for 8 long years since we both moved!  What I haven't missed in those years is her actual friendship.  We have through the telephone (and infrequent visits) literally comforted, complained and commiserated through marriage, babies, work, and pretty much all of life together! 

My heart is full!  And most importantly I think I have finally matured to know how to value each friendship and it's place in my heart!  I am someone who likes and needs to simplify.  I do this routinely throughout my home and tend to get overwhelmed and try to streamline my heart too.  There is however, a new concept I am pursuing these days and it's all about a sense of community!  There will be no more streamlining of my heart!  Only always room for more!


  1. What a sweet post! Thank you for your comments about me and I feel the same about you! You put it so well- the part about our friendship and the things you've learned in life. I love the pictures you chose too! The last one is a perfect way to end that post!

  2. Olivia,

    Isn't it funny how the new and the old, the near and the far, can all come together! You're fortunate to have both in your life!

    Enjoy the holidays,

    PS LOVE the picture of your little cottage all decked out with snow!

  3. I love your line about never streamlining your heart. Well-said!

    You have taught me so much about friendship over the years. What a lovely, delicious lunch with sweet friends, old and new for me too!


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