Monday, November 22, 2010

The First Snow!

Oh how I dream of yesteryear!  There is something about snow that brings out the nostalgia in me! 

We have lived in old houses for the past eight years and the previous one was the oldest, built in 1914.  I once told my husband during a snowy winter day "Can't you just imagine this street (one of the main streets in our little town) with sleighs and horses driving down right past our windows! 
He then brought me back into reality and said even 90 years ago we didn't get much snow around here so there wouldn't be many sleighs!!  Well, carraiges then I said!
Now we live a little farther into the country in our little farmhouse (built in 1927) and get to see the wintery scene stretching out over acres!  It's so beautiful!  The view looks like a postcard, I love the way snow makes everything so...picturesque.  At least until it starts to melt.
We have over 7 inches here!  It's magical!
Do you have any snow at your house? 


  1. Yep, we've got snow and super cold temps for "us" in the Northwest... especially for this time of year. With the Northeaster blowing and temps in the teens (well below zero with wind chill) it's been a bit challenging!

    Stay warm and cozy in that old house! We're snuggles up inside my house built in 1920 ;)


  2. My girls have been sledding nonstop! All 4 of them are loving it. Snow is so beautiful and so fun - what a wonderful Thanksgiving week.


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