Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I know a place

As I sit to write this post and the little one starts to wail in the background for some yet unknown reason... 

 I am "posting" ( which is just another way of saying "postponing") 

 I should be:

digging into the laundry that never was started

starting a homework lesson

cleaning the floors which of course look as though they haven't been swept in a week.

This has been one of those out and about kind of days - the kind when you've been gone so long you just can't quite settle into to start chores that should have started hours ago. spite of the mess...

I know a place were there is at least one child asleep at my bedside when my eyes open in the morning.
I know a place where the little one stands in the window sill to wave bye to siblings zooming away in the school bus.
I know a place when naptime is a heavenly lull in the noise at midday.
I know a place where a little voice sweetly says "momma" as she wakes again too soon!
I know a place where growing feet pound up the stairs and through the door at 4:03
I know a place overflowing with laughter while 8 feet circle the hallwaylivingroomdiningroomkitchen for the hundred millionth time
I know a place where quiet prayers and lullabies are sung and little boys dont forget to ask God to make them strong and brave
I know a place.... it's HOME

(this post was inspired by one of my favorite children's books, but adapted to my own home)


  1. Beautiful "postponing!" I should "ahem" be ironing slipcovers & putting the couch back together - mold-stain down.

    Instead, enjoying some quiet and your lovely and uplifting ponderings.

  2. Love it! Isn't being home the best!?


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