Thursday, July 1, 2010

How have we been spending our summer...

Our family just loves the beach!  We are fortunate to live within hours of the coast so we can make a quick getaway whenever we need to see the open spaces and majesty of the ocean!  It never fails to remind me how small I am (good for perspective).  I love to see the children playing happily for hours in the sand.  I love to look out over the ocean and see for miles and miles the beautiful openness of it all.  The soft colors of blue fading into sandy beige and green are all so natural and serene.  The sound of the waves crashing and the breeze is so peaceful!  We make sand castles, go fishing, run in the waves, have fires & roast marshmallows, eat family style seafood stew - make family memories to last a lifetime!  This is where we have been so far this summer!  How have you been spending yours?

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  1. Hmmmm. Talking to you on the phone? Seriously, we've been swimming, going to synchro, and jam-making. Oh, and contemplating all the decisions that need to be made in the fall. Love summer! Nothing needs to be done except mop the floor (which I did do tonight by the way.)


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