Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's Going On at Our House?

Well, Carolyn, the littlest one in the house has been causing quite a commotion, that's what!  Whew,  all the sudden as we are approaching 18 months old this darling tiny girl is turning out to be a bit of a handful even for this seasoned momma of 4!  She has me a bit worn out right now admittedly, which might explain the length of time since my last post!  We are busy busy busy!  She is either chatting to us, whining at us or squealing, fussing or giggling, but always something!  This little girl is a fiesty one too (exagerated by having older brothers who don't exactly play gently, and a puppy her same size) and ready to let us know what she does and doesn't like!  I fondly refer to her as my teeny weeny tiny one, itty bitty whiney one.  

On a positive note, I know this is just a phase and it wont last!  I remember with my first 2 toddlers when we went through difficult phases I didn't know how short they usually are!  Within a few weeks we will be on to something new and past this particular season!  I am so thankful that God made the hard parts short so we can endure them and I'm also thankful to be past that new momma phase so I know what to expect! 


  1. What a little doll! Good thing they're so cute during the hard phases, huh?! Your deck looks so inviting, by the way.

  2. how cute is that photo of carolyn and claira! we loved having you over. thank you for making the drive. hang in there you're a pro ... although i must say my "feisty one" or "spirited child" ;) as we refer to him seems to be stuck in one loooong ongoing challenging phase - 6 months now, but who's counting right?

  3. for the record! that welcoming and fun porch was actually taken at a visit to natalie's - she is the one with the style!


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