Friday, February 10, 2012

Suddenly schooling

Well, let's just say there has been a bit of a mid-course direction change around here lately.  It started with all the missed school around the holidays and then during our recent winter storms really.  Then we had a boy on our hands who just couldn't seem to transition back into the school day.  A few tearful mornings on top of a few phone calls home from teacher gave us the clue that finally our son has had enough of the traditional classroom.

It has been 3 1/2 long years in coming to be honest.  Failure to thrive.  But not on the part of anyone in particular (and especially not our son) but more along the lines of the current popular method of schooling.  It just doesn't suit everyone.  In fact, I think there are many of us it doesn't suit very well.  Don't get me wrong, our daughter loves her school, is thriving and learning and is social as a bug.  But as wonderful as school is for some it is simply painful for others. 

And so I have a new job it seems!  I am a part time teacher now and we started just this week!   Don't I seem enthusiastic?  Well...

Truthfully, this is not the plan I would have chosen for myself.  This year I thought I would have 3 older children in school and one tiny darling little helper home with me.  I thought that my husbands untraditional work schedule would mean that I would have time to work on soap & candle making, time to volunteer, and a little time to myself.  Actually, he has worked more than ever and now I have a new role I didn't expect. 

It's not what I's taken a few days to get used to the idea...reframe my expectations.  Realize I am still much needed by the little people in our home. 

And of course then I remember this is absolutely part of the dreams I have for our family.  The hobby farming, the gardening and soap making and children raising and homeschooling are a beautiful fit in this country lifestyle we have chosen.  Most of all, it's the children who are the blessings that make everything else worthwhile.  So we will do whatever it takes to see them healthy, happy and thriving and we will in return be blessed beyond measure. 


  1. School doesn't work for all of them! We have a second grade son that is struggling but we already have plans to start homeschool in August with them. I am really looking forward to teaching my own children and being in charge of what they learn. I am sure that their is homeschool families around you and hopefully you can join in and get to know some of them. Look forward to reading more.

  2. It's beginning to look like my family has been bitten by the same bug. I am not thrilled to let go of the dream: three children in school everyday and me free to wander about the island as I wish! What a dream! It appears another dream hastaken it's place. My oldest has the opportunity to be involved in a Hawaii charter school. It's right up his ally, all techy and more freedom to learn in accordance with his interests. Only, it's one schoolday and four homeschool days. I know it will be far less intense than the year we did kindergarten. That was the year before I entered the fog. . . And this is the year I'm comming out of it!

  3. You are right, Olivia! We traded places! But how wonderful that you are doing what is best for our son. That's what it's really about...going where He gives grace. I've got some great homeschooling posts in my archives....check it out : )


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