Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old House Love

On nooks and crannies... I think the English have got this right.  In our old country cottage which was built in 1927 we have many interesting features.  Some may say they are drawbacks or quirks one deals with and tries to remedy.  While I happily feel they make our little house a home.  A list of my favorite old house quirks...

* an old brick chimney in our kitchen
* a miniature linen closet built into the hallway with a small cabinet door
* a tall thin built-in bookcase on the landing on the upper floor
* a pixie sized attic door leading from the girls room into the south attic disguised with little shelving for special little girl displays
* another door in the boys room leading to the north attic (note: large attics with easy accessibility is definately another old house charm)
* a vanity in the master bedrooms closet (okay this one isn't my favorite, for one the vanity isn't pretty and for two even I would prefer a seperate bathroom from my closet)  or we could just pretend it's a dreamy "ladies dressing room" and then maybe it will seem more desirable
* a secret reading nook in the basement under the stairs

These are just a few of the little details that offer up the charm that drew me in the first place.  It's funny though sometimes I see new houses with all their gleaming shiny and convenient features and think I must be crazy.  It just takes a little while to settle back in at home and then I remember it's the imperfections that enable me to relax, cozy up with my family and not sweat all the living we do here. I don't worry about wear and tear because use and age is what makes it more beautiful!

What about you?  Old house love or all new?


  1. I love all those nooks and crannies too! I'm definitely old house love! Hope your family is all doing well!

  2. Your home looks like a cozy, comfy, cottage. I love old homes and all their charm, there is history and there are stories in them if only they could talk. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. thank you both, i'm so glad i found your blog jewel - you are wholeheartedly doing many of the hobbies i only have time to dabble in but love! it's great to read about your adventures!
    shannon we are doing well! I hope your family is as well and we hope the february "number" is smaller than expected!

  4. While newer houses may have more modern conveniences, they definitely don't have the poetry of an older house with its history of whispered conversations, cups of tea in a cozy kitchen, and dreams and hopes of previous owners. My husband and I are hoping to build a new house in a few years because he really doesn't want an older house, but I'll be sending longing glances toward the older farmhouses I'm sure!

  5. I would have to say old house LOVE. I think all your "quirky" old touches sound delightful. We used to live in a 100 year old house until about 6 years ago when we built a new one on family land. I've been trying to make my new house "old" for 6 years. Still workin' on it!


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