Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little glimpse into our summer life...

Our oldest daughter at her first overnight horse camp ever!  She is growing up so fast!  She just celebrated her birthday & she is ELEVEN now!  Suddenly she seems so different.  She has her own agenda and she wants to go go go!  Thankfully this summer family has joined in to make her summer happenin'!  She's been vacationing at the beach several times and out to a special broadway show!  To overnight and day camps and down to Woodland to stay with childhood friends!  Whew!  We have been busy! 
This darling little one however is pretty content to just be along for the ride!  Wherever that ride may take her!  She is always asking to "doe bye bye"!  Cute and spunky little thing!  She loves to talk and sing all day long and loves to gain everyone's attention!  She is really quite easy going most of the time even though she knows what she wants! 
I don't have any great photos to post of the boys who have been playing furiously with friends from Woodland and boys down the street!  They are so much happier when the two of them are distracted from each other!  More on those two later! 

Now I have a fun new post to do about my candles.  So pop on over to Lily White & Clean when you have a chance!

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