Sunday, August 28, 2011

Harvest & Fall Planting

We just put in 5 raised beds in the spring I cannot believe I already feel like I need more room next year!  Since there really isn't room to put in another bed I will have to use every inch wisely!  I'm also trying to plan for more year round gardening.  I harvested some of my carrots this morning and we've been eating them. But I'm going to leave some in to go to seed for next year since they are biennial.
Here are the potatoes we harvested the other night, and some out drying as seed potatoes - my first try at this.
I also moved the strawberries into the berry patch so I can use the half barrels for sweet potatoes & fingerling potatoes next planting season.  In the meantime I am going to plant more cabbage in them for winter harvest and see how it goes.

Please feel free to comment and give ideas on seed saving, I'm new so I will need lots of help.  I put some books on hold at the library - that's always my introduction to new subjects & then I dive in and try them for myself! How is your harvesting coming along?


  1. I didn't know carrots are biennial. What does that mean exactly? We harvested all our carrrots and they are crunchy and sweet! Mmm-mmm.

    Please share all your tips as we just buy new seed every year. (Except potatoes since that was so easy.)

  2. Gardening is a little obsessive (in a good way.) I've been working on mine for 12 years, and it gets bigger every year. Some years I omit things, and some years I add things. How were your sweet potatoes? I've never tried them, but would love to. I've tried saving tomato seeds, but that is too much of a problem.
    I had an over abundant garden this year, which is pretty much put to rest except for my concord grapes. Almost time to make grape juice! Do you can or freeze anything?


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