Monday, June 20, 2011

Searching for new inspiration

Right now I'm inspired by searching for inspiration.  I'm reading up, asking questions, taking one step forward every day in search of what is next for me! 
Already life is pretty full with our business and our family.  The thing is, the business is based on the talent and passions of my husband, it's his gift!  Our children too have interests and school and things going on in their lives and I know I keep the heart of the home.  Yet, for their sakes and mine too I want to have my own passion!  I could easily make my life about them.  When someone asks "What's new?' I could say Anna is doing camps all summer, the boys are finishing up with baseball and starting soccer soon...... the list goes on.  But for some reason I want to be able to answer that question about me.  I mean, they are asking me right?! 
I also don't want to be the mom that wont let her children have some freedom.  They are already who they are meant to be.  I feel like my role as a mom is to stay nearby to offer guidence as they figure it out for themselves.  We all have purpose in this world.  Theirs has nothing to do with my ideas for them and everything to do with what God created them to be.  So, as I use my instincts to follow my passion I hope they will also learn to use their own insticts and hear their calling(s).
For this mama, already, I know I love farm life, at least dabbling in it!  I love being a farmgirl, with country music playing in the air whilst I garden or care for our home.  I love cuddling up with my toddler to read, laying in bed at night with my 10 year old chatting about all her ideas and giggling like a school girl.  I love play fighting with my boys and scrubbing their faces clean several times a day!  I love summering at the beach with our family making memories together to last a lifetime!  I love partnering with my husband in everything - even when it's a little crazy around here! 
Life is good, so full of opportunities, so abundant. 
Please do share with me how you found your own passion in life and how you work in all the things that make your heart sing!

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  1. Your new beach pics are so beautiful! I think it's wonderful that your kids will watch you search for your passion and begin to live it. You are inspiring to me!


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