Monday, June 13, 2011


Simple Abundance.

A few years ago I stumbled on this book at my mom's house.  She always has interesting reading material that she finds and then surprisingly often doesn't read ;).  Anyway, I found this book by Sarah Ban Breathnach filled with inspiration, and overflowing with thoughtful meditations and intriguing quotes.  It's all about living passionately, fully and authentically.  Being who you were created to be.  I refer back to it when I am uninspired to try to "prime the pump" but also when I am feeling the rising tide of a dream coming to life as it is now...

So how this translates into my life right now is this.  Brace yourself it's not all pretty!

I feel like we are in a precarious place right now in the world.  Times ahead look like they are going to be difficult.  For many people, here in our America and all around the world life is already very hard.  Sometimes, I wish I could just pretend like everything is rosy, live in my happy little cottage and shut the world out.  I could almost pretend that things will always stay this way ~ where we have more than enough, where my children are safe and small and right here with me to tuck in every night.

But there are signs all around if you take notice that things are not as they should be.  Evil is growing, maybe not yet too noticeable right here in my own backyard but close and far, it's growing.  There is a quote that has been standing out in my mind, "to not stand in the face of evil is to stand". 

One thing I want to take a stand on is my faith.  My faith in God is a gift that my parents gave me from the very beginning and I am thankful for this sustaining life giving powerful faith.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is my God too.  He says about Israel, and the Jewish people that they are the apple of his eye.  He chose them to reveal Himself to the world, the creator to the created and also through them to save the world by his son Jesus.  He says those who bless them He will bless, those who curse them, He will curse.  I believe that Christians must defend Israel as the world starting to turn on God's people once again.  The Jewish people have a right to defensible borders, a right to exist and as our allies they need our support.  Here is the irony ~ they do not ask for our troops, they do not ask for our finances, they simply ask for us to stand in solidarity that they have the ability and freedom to defend themselves.  Please stand with me if you will... many people aren't even aware that there is controversy surrounding Israel yet but it's there.

Expressing this has been on my heart for awhile.  Being authentic to me means searching for beauty which sustains my soul, and yet it also means speaking my heart even when whats on it isn't pretty... 

So how else does this all relate back to Simple Abundance you might ask?

Here's the thing, I know that my interests, my personality, my strengths ~ everything about me (and you) was created on purpose for a purpose (even many purposes).  Stay with me here, I'm a bit of a rambling writer. 

I may just be getting ready to embark on a new journey... I feel the tug on my heartstrings to "get a new dream" (as I mentioned in my profile).  In addition to honing skills necessary to whatever the future may hold such as vegetable gardening (the potager), farm animals (the chickens, rabbit & goats), and much more... I'm back to where I started from!
 Before I met my husband I wondered what would bring meaning to my life.  (This is like 10 posts put together I think - maybe I shouldn't have waited so long!)  Creating a family and a life together is and has been so fulfilling.  Having a husband and four babies has definately used up my nurturing side.  Creating a home and garden to live and cozy up in has utilized my creative side.  So whatever I do in the future has to somehow combine these two defining attributes.  Obviously, my little family isn't going to finish raising themselves!  And my home will need tending too.  But, I'm back to where I started from because I've realized I like my life to be FULL.  My dear friend Leah once said "what if your the kind who never feels done having babies?" before I got to have our little last one! 

I wondered that a little too.  But no, I am done with those kind of babies (my husband shouts, yahoo!) I need a new kind of baby!  A new dream to behold...
More on this as it comes together...
Anyway, to tie up all the strings of this post is this, I am a conflicted, deeply feeling, passionate, country girl striving to say what needs to be said and get done what needs to get done! 
Whew, finally, is anyone still listening to all this blathering on and on?!
If your still here :), Blessings,


  1. I never thought of "it" quite like that.... since my children have grown up (21 and 23) and are moving on with their lives I've been searching for something... I just didn't realize that I too need a new kind of baby! Thanks Olivia! I need to figure out what this baby or dream should be...


  2. This is such a wonderful post that shows your passion for life and for our God. I didn't know until recently that we are to be praying for Israel.

    From Ps. 122: "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; 'May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls.' ...For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your prosperity."

    Praying also that God shows you the path to a new dream.


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