Thursday, March 24, 2011

Going "All In"

The idea I'm pondering today is about being "all in" about who I am.  Today I got up and dressed in a  farmgirl chic sort of outfit.  Occasionally I've got the guts to go for it, despite where I am going or who I'm gonna see.  I put on a darling cream sundress with vintage rose print, grey leggings & boots and a cream sweater with a brown hat.  (I would love to show you a photo of me but.... having some technial issues.)

What starts going thru my mind is "Am I meeting up with one of my super stylish always dressed to the hilt friends?  Should I temper my down home girl comfy wrinkled usual style?"  Am I confident enough to show who I really am to everyone all the time?  What I realized today is this...  Some people may not get that there are different kinds of beautiful and may not understand my style.  (or maybe they do and I'm not giving them the chance)  BUT, isn't it SO MUCH more interesting to be with someone who is "ALL IN" showing you who they really are?  Yes absolutely!

However, this goes deeper than the way I chose to dress today.  Beyond that it goes to being real, opening the door to welcome guests....all the time (this includes showing off the wrinkles again), to working hard to bring more depth into each experience.  To fighting for the creme de la creme in life every moment of every day, (or at least every day).  And looking for ways to add value to everything and everyone I can touch by being real and being honest and offering comfort, joy & warmth!
I think that about sums it up!


  1. I say you just go all in and wear what you love! I love your style, and wish you'd just give in to it all the time:) When I was younger I didn't really HAVE a style. I just copied my cool friends. I don't think I knew who I was, so dressed accordingly. I have always admired people who had a definite style and sense of themselves. I LOVE all of the things you posted, but especially that hat! Love you for who you are...

  2. Okay, right off, I have to say that I totally loved and noticed your darling farmgirl outfit! You might have inspired me to dress a little nicer the next day. a.k.a. wearing something other than sweats!

    More than just your outer appearance, what you're really talking about is being a person of beauty and shining that beauty on others. You definitely brightened my day when you visited and offered grace and warmth to me when I so needed it. I love that you are an "all in" kind of friend!


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