Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Full Heart Kind of Day

Today the sun was shining. 
I managed to stay home almost the entire day organizing and tackling little projects around the house.  I love ending the day with the dishwasher going with every dish in the house and the last load of laundry started in the washer!  The house is clean, this time it would more than pass the "dim the lights" test!  Yesterday the grass had it's first mow so the view down to the shop was springy and nice! 
After painting the trim white in the fall and not seeing the sun since (almost joking) I didn't realize just how cheerful our house looks when you pull up! 
Anyway, for tonight all is well.  My family are almost all tucked in our beds!  It was a quiet, peaceful and accomplishment full kind of day!  Thank the Lord!

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  1. With that Casey smile in the house, the sun is shining EVERY day at your house...LOL. He just lights up! It's nice to have a day where things just fall into place...with a little elbow grease of course:)


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