Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why I need a Cozy Comfy Cottage

I have a confession to make.  I am an introvert and being one is hard.  We all crave friendship and being around other people is supposed to be fun.  Well there are times when it is fun for me to be around other people and I have a few really amazing friends (thank God).  But...there are many times when I just cannot enjoy myself around people, especially new ones.  Being in groups - parties, celebrations, reunions even church are often overwhelming for me.  I find myself overstimulated and anxious and when I am done I feel exhausted an emotionally drained

This entire summer has been one overstimulating flurry.  We have had company over and over, we have been perpetually busy in and out of town, we have been having fun!  Or at least it's supposed to be.  I start to feel though and I've been saying this for weeks, that I'm just standing here and the waves are flowing right over the top of me.  Without time in between things to process what has just happened (for some reason my mind replays every conversation and situation that happens) and prepare for what is coming next I am finding myself going through the motions.  And in the process making blunders (thinking I can't believe I just said that) and feeling even worse because I'm so not rested. I guess I'm saying that I haven't been able to take very good care of myself and as an introvert who craves solitude I need a little extra care (I'm sorry to say). 
So I'm gonna have to start saying no Pairing down.  It's not easy to carve this out - especially with soccer on our plates for THREE kiddos.  But I'm gonna try. And that is why I need a cofy comfy cottage.  When the world is overwhelming I need to shut it out and hibernate in my home. So I put my coziest navy sweats on with my comfyest white tee and my absolutely favorite grey zip up sweater (paid 50cents at a yard sale for it but it's the cutest thing) and I crawl into my soft and fluffy bed until I can once again look in the face of those around me with a smile ready to embrace it all anew. 


  1. It's not your fault Olivia. You inherited it from ME!!! Sorry 'bout that!

    I love that pic of you and Carolyn! How beautiful!

  2. It's really true that home is a place to refresh and recoup so you can go out again and face the world. And yes, that's why home should be a place of beauty and comfort which you do so well, by the way!

    Don't be sorry to say you need a little extra care. We all do...but especially you who selflessly and consistently takes care of 4 little ones while running a business and household.


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