Thursday, June 17, 2010

Embracing the Summer

One more day and the kids are home for the Summer!  I have to admit though it doesn't really feel like summer around here.  The last few months have had only momentary sunbreaks amidst weeks of pouring rain.  So, we need a plan and I think I've got it!
Years ago, when Anna was little I found a book called Family Fun, Boredom Busters.  The book was put away after awhile because the kids were so little that many of the activites were too advanced.  I'm so excited now to pull it out again to fill our days with new and interesting activities to beat the boredom bug.  There are 212 ideas in all sorts of categories play, instant fun, backyard games, rainy day play, seasons, arts & crafts, kitchen projects, and brain boosters.  So what is the plan?  To try every idea in the book and make it through them all before school starts in the fall!  We already have lots of ways our family plays together but sometimes it's nice to try something new.  I look forward to posting activities that become our favorites and also to being proactive about spending our summer rain or shine in a positive and creative light!

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