Thursday, March 1, 2012

Looking ahead...

This one came home yesterday with a packet for MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Whew!  I just don't know how a momma readies her heart for these kinda changes!  I mean entering kindergarten as our oldest a mere 6 quick years back was hard enough!  But my girl?  She is so excited!  She is one to rise to a challenge and she looks forward to meeting new friends, gaining new experiences and growing up!  I love her confidence and her optimism and I hope it always lasts!  If they must grow up (and I'm told they must) then I guess I will let her!  I am thankful for the responsible and sensible girl she is and has always been so at least I can trust her to make good choices (for the most part) along the way!  Anna, you are a darling and a dear, I am prouder than proud to be your momma!


  1. My daughter is the same age and will be going to the Junior High next fall. I'm with you...I'm not quite ready for this. Good luck in your journey.

  2. My daughter (our second of two children), turned 13 months old yesterday and the first year passed in a blink. I can only imagine how with a few more blinks, she'll be off to junior high as well. It is passing much too quickly but I'm cherishing every sweet little moment. Your daughter looks beautiful! And thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog today. xoxo


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