Saturday, December 11, 2010

He came like the winter snow...

It's all about Him.
Our simple nativity sits at the center of our dining table, we see it at every meal.

Our Christmas tree this year is fragrent & green!  A woodland delight with snow & birds and blue & white.

Our Mantle, no stockings yet though, not settled on them yet.

This is a special little tree on the table in our office.  It has all the silver ornaments from our babies first Christmas's, their spoon, fork & cup.  Even one of our puppy Hunter when he was small! 

And above my computer desk, where I spend many hours...
Our card, Jesus is the Prince of Peace, He is the only way to experience peace on earth. 
We wish you a Christmas with the kind of Peace only He can bring!


  1. Love the header cozy!
    I love the white tree.

  2. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your Christmas decor with us. And, love your song choice. Perfect.

  3. Your house looks so warm, cozy and peaceful!


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